U write in ur words which sub is favorite and write why u like most what is the importance of this sub in ur life
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In school, we learn many subjects. They are English, Mathematics, Science, Chinese, and many other important subjects. Among the subjects taught in school, I like English best.

English is a very important subject. In many parts of our country, people speak English. Nowadays, the frequently used and popular language is English. Many schools teach English.

Today, almost everybody uses English to chat about business and just about anything under the sky. Computers use English and so, too, do the Internet; MSN and many other sophisticated electronic gadgets. English is a very easy subject to learn. Even a child can learn to speak English well.

Recently, the Government launched campaigns encouraging people to use English. Some adults evenEnglish lessons to improve their English. Many parents, too, send their children for extra English lessons tuition centres.

If you want to study overseas in universities like Cambridge or Oxford, you must be proficient in English. Or late, there are many parents who send their children to other countries to study English at a tender age.

Many advanced countries in Europe, America and Asia use English. In a 'borderless' world where tradeand commerce are very important, communication, using English via the electronic media, is the order of theday.

I hope that everyone uses English whether he or she is young or old. Then, he or she will have many friends and a very bright future.
the subject i like most is english so i wrote a essay i think this will help you