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There are no such particular reasons but scientists say that it might have been destroyed due to an earthquake,a cyclone ,a flood ,change in the course of river or an invasion by the Aryans.
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The Harappan Civilization or the Indus Valley Civilization was the most fascinating and first urban civilization in the world that flourished in the vast plains created by the River Indus and its tributaries. The Harappan Civilization thrived between 2600 – 1900 BC in the region that is now in Pakistan and India. With the population of over five million, this civilization had a well developed trade system, cities, sewerage system, metallurgy techniques with many other mathematical and scientific achievements. But with time, there was shrinkage in the Harappan Civilization. For instance, Mohenjodaro, one of the major cities of this civilization, earlier flourished on about eighty five hectares of land but later on got confined to just three hectares. Due to some reason, population from the Harappa started moving to the nearby and outer cities and places like Punjab, Upper Doab, Haryana, etc. But what leads to the decline of the Harappan Civilization is still a mystery.