Atomic number of the given element is 16. Therefore, its electronic configuration will be (2, 8, 6).  

(a) The number of valence electrons is 6.   

(b) Since the outermost shell consists of 6 electrons, valency of the element is 2.

(c) The elements containing 6 valence electrons are placed in group 16 of the periodic table.

(d) The given element is placed to the right-hand side of the periodic table in group 16. As we move along a period from left to right, the non-metallic character increases. Hence, the given element is a non-metal.  

(e) The nature of the oxide formed by the given element is acidic since it is a non-metal.

(f) Let us assume that the given element is X. Its valency is 2 and the valency of chlorine is 1. So, the formula of chloride of element X is XCl2.