school is very important in our life as it provide us knowledge, without which we can't get any good job, can't learn values, can't so anything or fulfill our dream. we get many friends in school. we enjoy school life as it is an important part of our childhood.



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School is important to educate children to make them develop in their life. it teaches the children how things work and how they program.
Schools are a very important part of our life and our second home. we get knowledge of everything from school. without schools we cannot do anything. they are a important part of our society also. they teach us how to behave and act. school is called temple of learning. without schools a nation cannot develop. they give sharp future to us and our nation.they give education and make people use their own mind.they give us knowledge and courage without which one cannot survive in this world.schools teach us values of life and make us a true beautiful person. 
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