Consider two elements 'A' (Atomic number 17) and 'B' (Atomic number 19) : (i) Write the positions of these elements in the modern periodic table giving justification. (ii) Write the formula of the compound formed when 'A' combines with 'B.' (iii) Draw the electron dot structure of the compound and state the nature of the bond formed between the two elements.



A has electronic configuration - 2,8,7.
It has 3 shells or orbits so it is placed in period 3.
It has 7 electrons in the outermost shell it is placed in group VII  A

B has electronic configuration - 2,8,8,1.
It Has 4 shells or orbits so it is placed in period 4
It Has 1 electron in its outermost shell so it is placed in group I A

A is Cl 1- And B is K 1+

2K + Cl 
⇒ 2 KCl

Electron Dot Structure In The Diagram i uploaded

Since it Is Giving And Taking Of Electrons bond present between them is ionic bond.

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