ANS1 The farmer brought a baby mongoose into his house because they needed a pet so that their son had a companion when he grew up. The baby mongoose would be a friend to their son in the future.
The farmer’s wife was afraid of the mongoose harming her child and so she didn’t want to leave her baby alone with the mongoose.
The farmer told his wife that she needn’t be afraid as the mongoose was a friendly animal. It was as sweet as their baby and they were the best of friends.
The wife saw the mongoose face and paws smeared with blood and concluded that it must have killed the baby. She cried ‘blood’ and continued screaming hysterically and accusing the wicked animal of having killed her baby. She was blind with rage and with all her strength she brought down the heavy basket full of groceries on the blood smeared mongoose.
Yes, she repented her hasty and rash action, she realized that the mongoose had actually saved her child by killing the black snake. She rushed outside looking for the mongoose. She repented by saying that the mongoose had saved her child and look what she had done to repay it. She touched the mongoose that lay dead and still unaware of her sobbing. She stared long at the dead mongoose.
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1) The monkey was happy living in the fruit tree, but his happiness was not complete. What did he miss? Ans1) The monkey missed a friend.
Q2) What did the two friends generally talk about? Ans2) The two friends talked about birds, animals, nearby villages and villager’s difficulties.
Q3) Why was the crocodile unwilling to invite his friend home? Ans3) The crocodile was unwilling to invite his friend home because his wife wanted to eat the monkey’s heart. But he did not like to kill his best friend
Q4) What did the crocodile tell the monkey mid stream? Ans4) The crocodile told the monkeys that his wife wanted to eat his heart.
Q5) Why was the crocodile‘s wife annoyed with her husband one day? Ans5) The crocodile‘s wife was annoyed with her husband one day because he came home late.
Q6) How did the monkey save himself? Ans6) The monkey said that he forgot his heart on the tree. He asked the crocodile to swim back to bring the heart from there.