Domain is defined as a condition which defined a undefined function .
e.g. 5/(x-4)
here if (x-4)=0 then condition is undefined but when (x-4) not equal to 0 the condition is defined that is domain

 Credibility and Ownership are just a few. Read for More Advantages that will compel you to have your own Registered Domain Name to Create your own Identity in Cyberspace.

A domain name is your unique identity on the internet. It is the address of your cyberspace. Owning a domain name gives you the same feeling that you get once you have in your hands the title deed for your newly purchased house. The sense of ownership is the most vital importance of domain name.

Getting a domain name registered is like getting your own business card. A person makes a number of evaluations about you on reading your visitor’s card. Similarly your domain name reveals so much about you and your website, on the first look, that it is nothing short of your own personal visitor’s card. Get a right domain name and get a good first impression.

this is for Internet DOMAIN