---CONSERVATION OF ENERGY-----       

                                     Conserving energy is an important thing in daily life. If we don't conserve energy,it will result in the harming of the future generation's  well-being. The approach that "the present generation have to meet their requirement without affecting the future generation" is so true. Energy. It also refers to reducing energy consumption through using less of an energy service. At times when energy like electricity was discovered there were a wreckless use of it which led to a big fall of energy. Now a days due to the policies or technologies which was created has led to the reduction of consumption of energy. Countries like India,Iran, Japan etc. had faced a tremendous crisis of energy. But now it has reduced and been better with the help of new technologies which results in a consumption of less energy.

                               So we have to conserve energy for the well being of the present and future generations. Reduce the consumption of electricity, oils, fossil etc. For example: CFL is a lamp introduced by the government for the reduction of the consumption of energy.
The energy is very important thing in our daily life energy  should be conserved since we are consuming disproportionate amount of energy and that day is not far when all our  non- renewable resources will expire  forcing us to rely just a renewable resources it also help us to save money  mitigates the numerous adverse environmental and social impact with associated with energy  production and consumption. these include as acid rain, air pollution and global warming we can save energy  saving energy means decreasing energy used while achieving a similar  outcomes of  end use. using less energy has a lot of benefits