A face is not a face without a smile. Smile is the beauty of ones face.
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1 let your smile change the worls but never let the world change your smile
2 smile is the only curve which set everything straight
3 smile and forgive it`s the only way to love
4 smile , let everyone know that u r stronger than yesterday
5 making one person smile can the world maybe not the whole world but their world
6 don`t cry because it`s over amile because it happened
7 a smile is the happiness u will find it under ur nose
8 when life gives 100 reasons to cry show life that u have 1000 reasons to smile
9 a smile is something u cant` give away . it always comes back to u
10 not only a smile cost less than electricity , but it also brighten ur day...

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omg jasleen is saying this
only for thisss
i understand
nothing else remember it n_a_v_n_e_e_t.....
okkkk keep calm jas