the communication that bridges the barrier
The communication skills are the thing that every one tries to observe in someone else. The way you communicate can easily tell the way you are and how do you mix up with all the people around you. The communications just act like a barrier between two people to speak or to tell something. Now-a-days we use different languages to communicate with others. In even olden days the early man even used to communicate with others but in the forms of the sings and codes. The communication between two people help them to understand everything. The communications just is a bridge which connects the idea of one person to the other. 
                        If one feels that their communication with the others is less then they will have to work up on it because there are some lakhs and billions of people who try to learn many things from the out side world for it we will have to be know with many languages. Now-a-days the international language English is almost learnt by everyone. So that they can interact with others and try to communicate with all the others. The communication skills of one can help out the others to figure out the person's creativity and the way they mostly think out all most every time. 
               The communication gap is really a hectic thing if one is unable to communicate with the others. There are many people who try to learn everything from the world through their communication language. Hence, the communication is really a powerful tool to empower or even help out some one in all the aspect.
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