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CAM  computer aided manufacturing :
     1. chrome cobalt disc with crowns for dental impacts: figure 1
       2.  CAD/CAM application (software)  UNISURF for car body design at
           French    car manufacturer Renault.
     3. Teamcenter and Tecnomatix are CAM software to automate
           manufacturing,  planning, group collaboration..

Hydraulic mechanism:
     1. figure 2  enclosed.    Hydraulic press used for hydro forming to shape ductile metals.
      2.hydraulic motors,  hydrualic valves  (used for pressure control , direction control, flow
     3. power steering in a car

Energy conservation mechanism:
     1.  design of a building using energy conservation.  Passive solar building design.
           Figure 3. windows, walls, floors are designed to collect, store and distribute
           solar energy as heat during winter and then reject excess solar heat in summer.
     2.  Pendulum in a clock (old type mechanical) or a wrist watch which used to have
           springs (old type watch)
     3.  satellite that is launched  from earth's surface to a geo-stationary or lower orbit for
           weather monitoring.  The energy given to it is conserved as speed in the orbit and its
               potential energy.

Industrial mechanism

         1. robotic satellites which land on moon or other planets and travel on surface, called
           landers and rovers.
         2. robotically assisted surgeries thru telemanipulator

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