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                                   Roller skates lost

16th Jan. 2016
                     A red colored roller skate was lost today in the recess from class IX . The one who finds it is requested to contact the undersigned. A good reward is promised.

sangeeta desai
 Class IX 
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23rd, February, 2016.                                       
                                   " the lost skates of mine "
I've lost my skates after my skating practice I've put them in to my sports locker but I don't know where did I lost them. The identity of my skates is that they are in blue color and white color striped side ways. my skates are of Nike company. Please if you find my skates please hand it over to the misplaced things in-charge. The one who will find my skates will have a good reward.
   by :
   Sangeeta Desai
   class IX-A