Owning cell changes our lives much. We always stick to phone in social networking. We don't get interest in studies. Owning cell phones makes our eyes dull,get headache.
In today's world when we see a person walking down the street busy on his phone, we don't even bat an eyelash and walk past contrary to how it was 30 years ago.
This handy creation has done more bad than good. A cell phone was made to make jobs easier, but well, currently it doesn't let us do our jobs at all.
This mystical contraption has held us captive and is not going to let us free any time soon.
Children have lost their values for family because friends are around at a tap on the phone.
Information is placed in our hand in a split second, so is our concentration broken in a split second thanks to this tiny little piece of metal.
But obviously, when one knows the moderation, it shouldn't do much harm.