Women had fought many nationalist struggles for various right like- education for women, rights for women to be treated equally, rights of minority against the majority, rights of blacks against the whites, rights of education for women
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During the Indian National Movements, women had actively participated and contributed a lot. They helped in both the spheres of the struggle-violent and non-violent sphere. Sarojini Naidu , Vijaylakshmi Pandit, Annies Besant are few of the well known freedom strugglers. Sarojini Naidu contributed by making the Indians understand that swadeshi goods were the best , and by her poems and articles , she made the indians realize , what we could find in our markets , instead of depending on foreign goods. Annie Besant tremendously contributed to the Home Rule league, working alongside Bal Gangadhar Tilak, to establish an independent government within the british rule. And Vijaylakshmi Pt. contributed in the field of politics by working from with the INC.
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