If I were a mobile phone 
If I were a mobile phone when my owner might be with me the whole day doing some or the other things that would waste his time. I think he might be behind of me whole day and night when ever he is free and when he doesn't know what to do then he would simply come and start using me. Now-a-days you can see that there are many people who are using me a lot for many purposes. Might it be good or even waste phone there are some millions or billions to use me out. 
                  If I'm a mobile phone I guess my owner might have probably installed candy crush app because it is good to use and play. My owner can use me for various reasons like to send messages, use social media network and even to play games like I've said you before also. Now a days you can seen me in even small kids hands and even in old aged citizens. The mobile phones like me have become a common thing for every one.
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