Article on "The present condition of Iraq"
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Parliament has been rendered toothless. Independent agencies are shorn of powers. Maliki favours those loyal to him. Judiciary is not representing "rule of law". Supreme court is doing government's bidding. "War on terror " is being used to distract from failure of government. Maliki did not give a good unified vision for all Iraq or has taken care of all Iraqi interests.
Jordan has bolstered its defences along the border after Sunnis seized control of Iraqi side of the only land crossing with Jordan at Trabil. ISIS has taken over a number of cities and towns near Turkey's borders and kidnapped Turkish citizens. It is possible that Saudi Arabians fund ISIS. Kuwait is ready with its military but situation in predominantly Shia south of Iraq is calm.
Maliki should include Sunni representatives in the government, give a detailed development plan for Sunni areas, reduce tension in the country by lifting anti-terrorism law, and enable steps towards human rights.
It is possible that Iraq could end up a loose federation of 3 entities - Kurdish, Sunni Arabs, and Shia Arabs - or, divided altogether.
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Document enclosed regarding situation in iraq.