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Right now we are in 21'st century according to the Christian calendar (international calendar or western calendar or Gregorian calendar) .A century is defind as a 100 year period(eg :- jan 1/101- to - Dec 31/199 is the 1'st century), u may asked what happens to the year 1- to - 100 .its because this gregorian calendar keeps reference as Jesus Christ birth year as cites Jesus( lived year of jesus) .Thus Pope Gregory xlll( he only created this this Gregorian calendar) define modern century from the birth of Jesus as year 1, however the years 1 to 100 were recognized as the time of Jesus, while the following years beginning with the year 101 were recognized as the years after Jesus. 'Anno Domini' translated is In the year of our Lord' meaning after the Jesus time on earth that's why we call 101 - to - 199 is the first century .
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This is the year 2014. That is 20 * 100 + 14. The first two digits tell us about the century we are in.
Our notation of the century in calendar is =   first two digits of the year  + 1
                     = 20 + 1 = 21
we are in 21st century

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