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I was amazed to find my bed go round and round and stars twinkling above my head I didn't knew what to do I was just starring the stars and even I was seeing down, I could only see that the tall-tall buildings are as the small ants in front of me because I was on top of the world where the stars were just above me. the stars were looking me and they were giggling and laughing seeing me I don't know why I could not even ask them why because I don't know their names and even who they are. Then suddenly I could hear a loud and great voice from behind me that too with my name. " hey shraddha ( use your name instead of mine ) what are you doing here ? " I slowly turned behind and I could see that the there was the moon. the favorite of all time of mine. I was literally shouting and saying hello to it and even it responded to me I was amazed and I was feeling like I've completed one among my best wishes. I would hear again some ones voice it was just I've know that voice. then there was some one calling me continuously then when i woke up the bed i saw it was morning 7:45am and i had to get ready to the school and the person who was calling me was my dad but not moon instead actually.
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