first of all india isn't crime free still, but crime rate has decreased as it was before, nowadays people are only indulged in nesting their own home. everyday we hear cases of gang-rapes but their would be one day when these things would be minimised, I'm sure, as of now india isn't crime free.
India's crime rate has decreased a lot compared to previous years or in 90's.
A long time ago there were big incidents like jallianwallah bagh which is one of the big crime that had taken place in the soil of India. With the help of several politicians,Kings,rulers,government,Mahathma Gandhi alot of crime has been cleared from India. Now a days India is crime free compared to Israel,Iran,Iraq etc. India's new technologies, Discoveries has led to the reduction of crimes. Media has a great role in the fall of crime rate. Case clearers also plays an Important role.