We all know that a smart man , a smart day but a smart city its a new term. A smart city is a city which contains all smart things anc smart people . The city will be having all facilities all smart
                                        smart city
a smart city is the city where we can get a lot of technological things for our livelihood and even our life style would change a lot from than that what we are seeing now. the smart city's are now all across the world and even we are trying to create smart cities in our country India. the smart cities are the best place to be and even to change our life style a lot. the smartest city has a lot of advantages to be and even a great way of things to see and visit. 
                      But because of the smart cities the urbanization is being increasing a lot day bye day and this is leading to the over population in the cities and we are trying to occupy the forest for our livelihood and place to be and for many other reasons even we try to do these things. the smarter the cities are that better it is for those who stay there and work there but the increasing population creates a mess in these cities.