Digital technology helps us do many hard jobs easily . It helps us in home - work. it helps us in projects. It helps us to do much work at the click of a button .
Digital Technology helps me in many ways as everything seems to be at my finger tips. All I need to do is tap, touch, type or say something. I love how easy it has made the world of reading/ learning. And how small it made the world to be, cause being seas apart you can still talk to your family everyday with ease. How things come to you, with you sitting right in your home with everything delivered to your doorstep. Distance is going to be no more a limitation. How its making life painless and comfortable with its feet in Science/ Medicine. Benefits are limitless. Provided these tools or technologies are used for the right purpose.All of this should make humans powerful. On the contrary,  I think people's social skills, connections are getting so impacted that only place they can cry out their hearts seems to be on Facebook! Not to friends or family but on social networks. Self-worth is measured by likes or comments or number of friends on your list. Are we losing our self-worthiness? Are we making our lives so public and pitiful, literally begging for attention? Are we making ourselves fools in all of this? Are we becoming slaves?
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