Harshavardhana. Harsha was the grandson of a Gupta Princess. At 16, he became the king, when his brother Rajyavardhana was killed.   he was Born on 590 AD and Died on 647 AD at Kannauj. he love his mother yasomati. He ruled for 41 years from 606 A.D to to 647 A.D. He belonged to Pushyabhuti Dynasty.
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Harsha or Harshavardhana was a emperor of India who ruled the North Indian states.His capital was Kanauj. He was from the Pushyabhuti Dynasty.His father's name was Prabhakarvardhana.His elder brother was the king of Thanesar, Rajyavardhana. He ruled for 41 years from 606 A.D to to 647 A.D.

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