My dear ?,(what is your name type here )
I am very glad to inform you that our first Semester Examination is over and our summer vacation has already started. I think you are in the same condition. So, friend, let us enjoy this vacation together.I have already decided to spend this vacation at my village home which is situated by the river Meghna in a charming place with natural beauty. I know you have been longing for a long time to enjoy village life for some days. So, come up without any delay. There, we will bath, swim and fish in the river and row boat. We will also eat different fresh fruits and enjoy different village cultures. My parents also want you to come with me.No more today. Do come within two days. Waiting for you.
Yours ever
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Dear Sheila
it was great pleasure to receive your letter after a very long time everyone in my house has been looking forward to a letter from you you have informed that your summer holidays begin from April 5th mother and I would like you to spend at least two weeks of your holiday with us here there are a lot of important places of tourist attraction in the nearby areas we can see the big temples of Thanjavur Nagoor aandavar Nagapattinam Vellanki Madha and several other places of worship the temple car festival of Art and tiruvarur will also take place during the last week of April we hope you will be able to come I will accompany you for visiting all the places mother conveyor you here love and all the member of a house wish you a good luck for the annual examination please inform the date and time of your arrival I will receive you at Thiruvallur railway station