We started our journey to the tangled woods. we had a long journey and finally reached our destination. an old couple welcomed us and introduced themselves. we stayed there for the afternoon and had our lunch. the old couple took us to a place in the woods where there were many beautiful flowers and a small water falls. we had set our tents, as we boys started to play the girls were busy in plucking the flowers. and soon it had become night. we had our dinner and were ready to sleep. it was mid night i heard a sound "help!, help!". i woke up and got out of the tent, i saw a man drowning. and soon i got there and helped the man, he was wearing a cap and i could not see his face in the dark. and when he got relaxed, i asked "who are you?". there was no reply, i had asked him many times but he didn't reply. i had got angry and took off his cap. to my amusement he had no eyes, no nose, no lips and finally no ears too. and at the end i shouted aloud. as i opened my eyes i was in my room, and i was a dream.
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