The ten lines about school :
1. My school's name is ( your school's name )
2. I'm studying in my school since my 1st grade
3. I love my school and even my teachers
4. My school has a large play ground in it.
5. My school had many teachers in it 
6. My school even has many students I'm one among one of them   
7. I'm studying in class ( your class or grade )
8. My school is the best place I've ever seen
9. I love a lot to study in my school
10. My school is a awesome place where I've got good friends.
1.My school's name is (your school's name)
2.My school has a big library.
3.There is a big playground in our school.
4.The teachers of our school are very kind and loving.
5.Our principal\sister\headmistress is (name)
6.Our school is at (place)
7.I am studying in class..
8.Our school is following the ICSE\CBSE\Kerala syllabus.
9.Our school is well disciplined.
10.We enjoy going to school.