Uncle podger is a humorous character. he gives a humorous touch to the whole incident of hanging a picture . he is one of those persons who cannot do anything properly . such persons take a lot of trouble but perform very little. we laugh at uncle podger for his funny behavior . uncle podger is fond of doing things himself . but it is ironical that he cannot do anything smoothly and without damaging other things.
In the incident narrated by the author ,uncle podger decides to hang a picture . instead of hiring a man to do the job , he decides to hang a picture himself . but for him even a small job a big one. he creates confusion in the whole house . he involved every member of the house in the process of hanging the picture. he prepares to hang the picture. at the same time, all the children and the maid servant of the house are ordered to help him.
He takes a lot of time and disturbs the whole house. after spending a number of hours and breaking many things , uncle podger succeeds in hanging the picture. but there are many marks on the wall and the picture is crooked . in fact , uncle podger is unfit to do even a simple job . but he does not admit his lack of skill. he puts the blame to others. uncle podger is a laughing stock. his absent -mindedness is very humorous . he is really very funny.