1) The ratio of math books to science books in a book shelf is 4.3.if there are 24 science books,how many book are there?
2). 75's store cells a pair of shoes for 3,878 pesos.
If the markup rate is 40%,What is the costs of the shoes?
3.)the area of a square is 225 cm,What is its perimeter in centimeters?
4.)aron is 5 years old than amy,three years ago he was twice as old as amy ,How old is amy now?
5.)The volume of a cube with sides 6 is equal to the volume of a regular solid with the length 15 ,2 width 9.The height of the rectangular solid is?
6.)A tank of water supplies the needs of 5 children children for 6 days .assuming that the 5 childrens each use the same amount of water how long will water last if there were only 3 children?

show the solution and ans.