Manisha& sandeep started moving from the same point in north & east direction respectively. manisha got tired after some time. she talked to sandeep on phone & came to know that he has travelled 2 km more than her. if distance between them at that very moment is 10 km, then find the distances travelled by them respectively.



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Let the distance travelled by manisha be x distance covered by sandeep=x+2 now according to the question=>right angled Triangle is forming... so by using the Pythagoras theorem here, x^2+(x+2)^2=10^2=>x^2+x^2+4+4x=100=>2x^2+4-100+4x=0=>2x^2+4x-96=0=>x^2+2x-48=0=>x^2+8x-6x-48=0=>x(x+8)-6(x+8)=0=>(x+8)(x-6)=0=>x=-8 and as u know distance cannot be distance travelled by manisha is 6km and by sandeep=6+2=8km(ans)
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