A solid substance which shiny, ductile, good conductor of electricity  are know to be Metals eg: Steel , Iron etc.
The substance which do not have the properties of electricity are non metals like wood rubber etc.
Metals are generally shiny, malleable, and hard. Metals are also good conductors of electricity. ...
Non-metals do not conduct heat or electricity very well. ...
Metalloids share characteristics of both metals and non-metals and are also called semimetals.

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Metals are 
i) Lustrous-Shiny
ii) Ductile- Drawn into wires
iii) Malleable-Beaten into sheets
iv) High melting and boiling points
v) Conductors of electricity

Non metals are
i) Non-Lustrous
ii) Non-Ductile
iii) Non-Malleable
iv) Low melting and boiling points
v) Insulators-except graphite.

The definition are same as the properties.