Describe in brief, the circulatory system in human beings

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THE circulatory system also called the cardiovascular system is an organ system that permits blood to circulate and transparent nutrients ,oxygen,carbondioxide, hormones, and blood cellsto and from cells in the body to nourish it and help to fight diseases,stabilize body temperature and PH and to maintain homeostatis
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Circulatory system in human beings:

Circulatory system can also be called Cardiovascular system. In this organ system, blood is let to flow in a circular manner with nutrients,hormones,oxygen etc. This system is composed of veins,blood vessels etc. which makes it like a complete circuit in physics.

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The circulatory system comprises of blood vessels, blood, heart, etc., which helps in the supply of oxygenated blood with necessary nutrients to all parts of the body with help of capillaries, veins & arteries.
The heart is in the center of the circulatory system which purifies the deoxygenated blood & supplies the oxygenated blood to all parts of the body.
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