A)convert the paragraph answer into points.give a good margin number for each point.give a suitable heading to the point whenever required.

b)heading of the points must be a key word.

c)follow your style of writing

d)underline important words

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By practicing more and more . practice the sample papers and try to solve that in the equal time that you get for solving real exam questions . whatever you learn , write it two or three we times . If the question language is difficult , read it many times slowly and understanding each word . try to manage time . In examination , first complete that questions which are known to you and later try those which are more difficult. and also see which question is more beneficial to do at that time . suppose at last 5 minutes , 2 questions left . One carry 3 marks and other carry 4 marks . 3 mark question is difficult and need at least 10 minutes but this time 4 mark question is easy and need 5 minutes . then choice is important.
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