Raju of class9 was suffering from chicken pox his friends priya and shaurya wanted to visit him shaurya's mother did not allow him to go priya already had suffered from it few months before priyas parents allowed her to visit him. what could be the reason behind their parents decision?what is the basis of immunization?



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Priya Already Had Chickenpox few months ago so to immune her she would have got some vaccines for chickenpox because of which WBC for chicken pox was already developed and stored as memory cells which can take action for germs of chicken pox for a limited time therefore even if she now go to visit Raju she wont get chicken pox againĀ 

While Shaurya didnt suffered from chickenpox be4 thats why der was a good chance that he would have got chickenpox when he would have went to meet Raju Therefore his mother didnt allowed him to go
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