Read the following passage carefully and answe
r the questions given below.
Most of the oil from a refinery, however is used foe fuel,whether this is petrol,kerosene, diesel oil or heavy fuel oil, These fuel are sent out in many ways, by rail, by road and by water. Sometimes we see the road tankers that bring fresh fuel. We also see lorries carrying drums of kerosene for our lamps and cookers, and farm tractors. When roads are bad, these fuels may be taken by carts drawn by oxen oe buffaloes. If transport overland is too difficult, The drums may be taken by boats or the revers.
We burn oil in the engines or our motor cars and lorries, our aero planes, and some of our trains. We also burn in oil lamps and cooking stoves. When we burn oil in any of these ways, we use the energy that is inside it. It is this energy which drives the engines gives out light and cooks food.
1) What are the different fuels?
2)How are these fuels sent out in our country?
3)What are the uses of oil?
4)When roads are bad, how are these fuels transported?
5)Give the suitable title to the passage
6)Find out the words from the above passage meaning:
a) A place where oil is purified
b) Trucks
c) Power



1)the different fuels are petrol kerosene,diesel oil or heavy fuel oil.
2)these fuels are sent through rail road or by water.
3) kerosene are used for our lamps, cookers and farm tractors.
4)when roads are bad fuels are transported through the carts drawn by oxes or buffaloes
5)non renewable sources of energy
6)a place where oil is purified.

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