Eutrophication is the enrichment of an ecosystem with chemical nutrients,typically compounds containing nitrogen, phospherous or both. it can be a natural process in lakes, occuring as the age through geological time.                                                   HOPE IT HELPED                                                                                             PLEAZE MARK AS B.LIEST!!!!!

Eutrophication is the process by which an area ( soil, a water body etc) get rapidly nourished due to excessive supply of nutrients. There are advantages and disadvantages of eutrophication.

when the fertilisers and artificially added nutrients of a farm get washed away into a forest due to irrigation it helps in the fast and healthy growth of the plants and trees.

on the other hand when the same fertilisers and nutrients are washed away into a water body like a pond as aquatic plants like hyacinth and horse shoe grow extensively and cover the surface of the water. the oxygen which is supposed to dissolve in to water is consumed by the plants during respiration. this results in lack if oxygen supply to aquatic organisms inside the water and they finally perish which also leads to the pollution if the water body.

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