Yes you should totally if u can handle both the subjects well 
remember one thing choose maths and bio together if u have sheer interests in both the subjects 
I am going to take maths+bio and prepare for iit 
i know that i have to put some extra efforts but its worth it in the end bcoz u can opt for any field after 12th  
work out a plan wisely and be sure of what you wanna do after 12th 
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Whether or not you want to choose maths+biology after your 10th standard is completely your choice. However, let me be frank with you regarding the stress levels that you'd have to face if you do so. 
Firstly, you will have to focus on two vast subjects and give the same time to both the subjects while a normal person would dedicate the same amount of time to just one subject. 
Secondly, you can choose maths and biology depending upon the career that you propose to choose. If it demands either of these subjects, there is logically no need to do the other. Instead, you can concentrate on just one subject. 
However, If your academics are exceptionally well, then congratulations! Maths+biology is for you!

Hope this helps.
Do let me know if there's something else I can hep you with.
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if you are good at both the subjects then go for it....