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 a teacher should share her views to her students in a kind way and not in an insulting way... a teacher should be friendly with the my favourite teacher is my old social teacher sophia mam , who used shower kind words..not only to me but also to all other students.. a true teacher will never show partiality towards their students and must consider everyone equal..they must also respect the talent of her students that way i love my teacher.... these are the characteristics ........ i think ......made me admire her
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How does a teacher should be according to me :
Well a teacher is the one who always guides us the right way and if we follow up all her guidance then we would be the best among every one in the world. The teacher shouldn't only teach us the subject she should even teach us the way one should lead his/her life and teach us how one should deal and cope up with all the problems that we face in our life. the teacher should be a best friend for each and every one so that all the students would enjoy his/her classes.
My favorite teacher :
Well according to me all are my favorite teachers but I mostly I love my English and my biology teachers because they have thought me not just the subject but also the way one should be in their life not just in studies.
The characteristics of them which made me admire them :
My English teacher and my biology teacher are really friendly and even they teach us every thing whether it is concern to the subject or not but if that topic is really helpful for us then I they will teach us about it every well. All of my teachers who taught me till now are the best I know in few days I will be missing them a lot. last but not the least " I LOVE YOU ALL MY DEAR TEACHERS "
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