4) fill in the gaps with correct forms of the verb 'BE'HAVE' and 'DO'.
k) Neuton _________a famous scientist.
l) ________he come early?
m) Nandita______helped her mother.
n) __________you go to the temple yesterday?
o) He __________not done his somework yet.
5) Fill in the blanks with proper form of verbs.
p) he_____for his irregularities yesterday.(pinish)
q) A dependent man_____always______.(trust)
r)Tommorrow my bicycle______.(repair)
s)Diwali_______all over the country every year.(celebrate)
t)Next year, he___________aprize by the principal.(give)
u)Taj mahal________by a muslim emperor.(build)
v)sometimes true students____(punish)
w)Your result__________ tommorrow.(diclare)
x)Light and heat_____________by the god.(creat)
y)Our new school building_________next year.(build)

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