Join the sentence without using and, but and so. 1) He has learnt to cycle.He has yet to learn to swim. 2)The helped her mother to make breakfast. She washed the tomatoes. 3)They bought a new car. They can travel long distances. 4)Sunita opened her purse. She found the money missing .



1)He has learnt to cycle yet he has to learn to swim / Though he has learnt to cycle, he has to learn to swim.
2)besides helping her mother make breakfast,she also hepled in washing the tomatoes..../ she helped her mother in breakfast by washing the tomatoes......(honestly,I feel the 2nd option is correct...)
3)they can travel long distances, as they have bought a new car.
4)when sunita opened her purse,she found the money missing....
though he has learnt to cycle,he has yet to learn to swim*....(the first one..).....