Respected Principal,
I xyz , the head girl of your honoured institution request you to grant me permission to conduct a workshop to emphasis and inculcate the importance of spoken English in our school. The reason is, lately I have observed that most of the students converse in vernacular languages. It is only a few students who speak a standard level of English.
So, I assume that this work shop would bring about gradual change in the students' language for the better.
The workshop may include activities like:
+ Conducting small competitions where the students could speak about any given topic fluently and the best ones could be awarded.
+Selling activity books, novels and guides to the students to improve their vocabulary and intellect.
+ Spell bees and
+Some informative presentations.

I hope that my thought appeals to you and I would be granted the permission to carry out the arrangements for the work shop. Once I am granted permission I will duly takeover the responsibility and work along with other interested senior pupils.
Thanking you ,
Yours sincerely,
Xyz (head girl). hope this helps you good luck