There are many things to talk about my school.I want to tell you that I am very sad because I am going to leave my school in a few days.My life till today is going to be a memory tomorrow.A sweet memory.Till today there are many movements where I fought with my friends.There are many movements where teachers scolded me. There are many movements when I overacted before my juniors.There are many bad movements.But know I realise that they turned into past and became sweet.there are movements which I thought were future just yesterday.Like high school teachers teaching ,me becoming a cinier and maintaing a gang. they are very surprising!till yesterday,I didn't even realize that I use to dream for such sort of life when I was a junior.Till today,not only my teachers and friends! My school life also thought me many things for my future. Today in front of everyone I would like to say thanks to all my class teachers.Because they are one of the reasons for my bright future in front of me welcoming me to face this compitative world.This school was just like a home away from my home.this school was my mom by sharing love. It was my dad by catching my finger and making me walk in a right path.It was my teacher by guiding me when I faced an obstacle.It was a general knowledge book making me know about this beautiful world and finally it was my life teaching me lessons for future.I use to proudly say that my school is my life so I love my life.But know I learnt to say that school is not my life! instead it is a life time memory I love my life because Ihave a beautiful memory with me guiding further.Even this,I learnt it from school.My school was an motivation,is an motivation and will be an motivation.This school is the hero in my life.I will never forget this place,these teachers and these friends.they are my life time memories.

thank you