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The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) is the largest political grouping of countries in multilateral fora. The Asian-African Conference of 1955 held in Bandung was the catalyst for the establishment of the Non-Aligned Movement. The actual formation of the group did not happen until six years later in Belgrade, where the Non-Aligned Movement was formally established by the leaders of 25 developing countries. The early impetus for the establishment of NAM came from the initiative of five charismatic and dynamic leaders representing different regions of the world; namely: President Tito of Yugoslavia, Prime Minister Nehru of India, President Nasser of Egypt, President Nkrumah of Ghana, and President Sukarno of Indonesia. During its inception, the group had 25 members; today, NAM constitutes the majority of countries in the world with a membership of 120 countries and 17 observers.
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