Electronic Media has a clear edge over print media even if ‘new media’(for eg. The Internet) is not included in it. Printmedia is more of a 'habit' with people and still caters to asizeable population. But electronic media offers a lot of choice to the people, especially to the youth(GEN Y),thelargest growing segment of our population and moreimportantly, has the ability to maintain the pace at whichthe preferences and demands of the Gen Y changes.Theshrinking readership of the print publications perhaps istestimony to the changing media consumption pattern of thepeople today. Although I don’t see an immediate threat tothe print media, more so because it is a centuries old media,yet I believe it definitely is not the media of the future.Moreover, electronic media is visually more appealing andmore effective in not only conveying a message but by virtueof being a frequency medium,is also effective in registeringit,thus ensuring high brand recall amongst viewers &potential customers.
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