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Especially during dry wheather, nylon "cracks", as sparks fly off due to the static electricity developed between our body and the nylon cloth....this static electricity leads to the ionization of the air between our body and the nylon clothing....which results in sparks and the cracking or chit-chit sound....
Sita : Rita, did you hear the news about a girl child being killed in Seemapuri?

​Rita : Yes. It is horrible, isn't it?

Sita : I do not understand why people kill their daughters. Don't they love their own children?

Rita : They do not want to spend money on their daughter's marriage.

Sita : Actually they feel that girls will not earn money and support their parents.

Rita: We should raise our voice against this injustice. We should make posters and put them up in order to create awareness among people.

Sita : Non government agencies are trying to do this and save the girl child. 
Rita : Government should impose strict rules and punish those who kill daughters. Only this will ensure the safety of daughters of India.

Sita : Let's hope this happens in the near future.
There are static charges developed when the nylon clothing rubs against other dry soft materials. like inner wear , or hair.  The static charges remain on the material as you know about the hair strands.  They stand up erect.