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A) It's is not all organisms but mostly only bacteria and fungi feed on dead organisms. And rarely bacteria. That is why fungi are called saprophytes.
Other organisms like virus, protozoans are parasites. So they live inside a living host body In order to multiply and manifest. they cannot do this in case of dead organisms. Other animals like lions, tigers to name a few find the satisfaction of eating only when they hunt down their prey and then feed on it While others like hyenas, wolves, vultures tend to feed on dead organisms but not the way fungi does. these animals eat away the dead organisms while fungi and bacteria carry out they digestion outside their body by secreting enzymes which breakdown the dead organisms. as a party of this process the broken-down food gets mixed up with the soil. That is why only bacteria and fungi are called decomposers. B) Take a bar magnet and compass. place the compass far from the magnet so that it does not affect the directions of the compass. now the direction to which the compass points add North is the northern Pole of the magnet. and the direction to which it shows West is the Western direction is the bar magnet. simple... hope my answers helped you. good luck. please mark my answer the brainliest
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