Chromosomes have DNA in them. They help to mainatain similarity between the parent and the offspring. Sex chromosomes help to determine the sex of a child. Each of the parent have 23 pairs of chromosomes out of which one is a sex chromosome. The father carries XY and the mother carries XX. If the male sperm carrying Y fuses with the female egg X , a male child will be born. If a male carrying X fuses with a frmale carrying X ,child born will be a girl.
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Chromosomes are thread like structure prenent in nucleus of a cell and contains DNA .
sex cells or gametes have half the no. of chromosomes ie 23 as compared to other non reproducing cells so when male and female gamates fuse together the offspring( progeny) get the original no. of chromosomes 46.( 23 from male and 23 from female=46)
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