there was a girl called rakhi. she went to school alone by public bus. once when she was coming back from school, she saw an old lady standing in the bus. her bag was very heavy but still she stood up and asked the old woman to sit down as the old lady was coming to sit down, she fell.there were two boys sitting just right next to the lady talking...but they just laughed at her and continued their conversation...the girl helped the old lady stand up and sit. and then rakhi went and slapped the two guys that couldnt help the poor lady.
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there was once a girl who was going in a car.. she saw an old man standing there waiting for the traffic to stop but as the traffic stopped he could not move as he was very weak.... the girl thought to help the old man but as soon as she reached there the old man fell down...she was very shocked..... she told her father to take the old man to the hospital... as soon as the old man was cured he blessed the girlĀ & offered her some money but the girl readily disagreed.. & she told the old man that she will leave him at his destination