In a car race, car A takes 2s less than car B and passes the finishing point with a velocity v more than the velocity with which car B passes the point . Both the cars start from rest and travel with constant accelerations of aA =3 ms^-2 and aB =2 ms^-2. The value of v is

i think the answer is wrong bcoz,
no its the ans
i am 101% sure
it's ok if u cant solve it
i understand its very tough



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The answer is wrong bcoz,
a= v-u/t
and u= 0
so a= v/t
it is given that the answer is 4.9
so, t = v/a = 4.9 / 3 = 1.63 s
now the time taken by car b is two more than car a so, 
t(of car b)= 1.63 + 2 = 3.63s
so v of car B = a x t = 2 x 3.63 = 7.26 m/s
but it is given that v(of car A) > v(of car B)
so according to me the answer 4.9 is wrong
r u there
hi, plss give the answer of this question