Generally summer vacation is the best time for children. they can do whatever they want. some children go for an adventure, some children become the best friends of laziness and some children edict to the electronic gadgets.But whatever children wait for summer vacation and I am one of them.There are so many things to do when we think of summer holidays.But whatever we do it must be purposeful to us and others.Whenever we remember summer holidays we remember going to our grand parents' house.We think that this is the time enjoy. Yes.But we must enjoy our hard work.We can help our grand parents.We can listen to their stories and grab the value from it.If we go to a tour,we can increase our general knowledge.There are two ways to walk during summer,that is to spend time purposefully and wasting the time.If someone asks me how to spend the time, I say purposefully.wherever you go spend your time purposefully.