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The 2 houses of the Parliament are Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha.The Lok Sabha.The Lok Sabha is more powerful than the Rajya Sabha because :- controls the Government and the Rajya Sabha cannot interfere in this.
2. in Lok Sabha all members are elected by people where as in Rajya Sabha some members are nominated by president .
3.The Prime Minister himself is a member of the Lok Sabha.
4.All money bills can can be passed or presented only by the Lok Sabha.The Rajya Sabha doesn't has the authority to this.
5. The council of ministers including the prime minister is from Lok Sabha and the person with majority in Lok Sabha is prime minister if the majority has no confidence on council of minsters they have to quit.The Rajya Sabha cannot interfere in this also.

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Rajya Sabha is called the Upper House but that does not mean that it is more powerful than Lok Sabha. Our constitution does not give Rajya Sabha same special powers over the states.But on most matters the Lok Sabha exercises supreme power.

(i) Any ordinary law needs to be passed by both Houses. The final decision is taken in a jointsession but as number of Lok Sabha members is greater, the view of the Lok Sabha prevails.

(ii) Lok Sabha exercises more power in money matters. Once the Lok Sabha passes the budgetthe Rajya Sabha cannot reject it. It can hold it only for 14 days.

(iii) Lok Sabha controls the council of ministers. A person who enjoys the support of the majority members in the Lok Sabha is appointed the Prime Minister.

(iv) If majority members of the Lok Sabha say they have no confidence in the council of ministers all ministers including the Prime Minister have to quit.
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