Friday, 26 feburay 2016
10:00 pm
hlo dear diary
as you know that today there was a handicraft exibiton held at grugaon road. i went to see it with my parents. i had a great fun there. there were lots of beautiful pots, lots of beautiful handicrafts made such a popular persons. I am feeling very lucky to see them. Moreover we brought a beautiful pottery of about rs.2500. I am very happy.I saw such a beautiful objects made by hands such as pot, hats, and many basically required objects of home. we reached there at 9:30 am and came back home at 6:00 pm. oops i think mom is calling me i shold go.
ok bye talk to you later.
Friday, 26th, February, 2016.                                                                       5.40PM
well today I have went to a exhibition of handicraft and pottery I've seen a lot of the works done by many of the artists and even by the people who do handicrafts. this exhibition was really great and even I've seen a lot of works like different kinds of pots and even different kinds of handicrafts. I've been to that place with all my friends we have visited all the places in the handicraft exhibition. we've been there for all most more that 2 hours and we have seen all the exhibits.